Zen Practice with Hoka Chris Fortin

Announcing the Fall 2017 Everyday Zen Bay Area Practice Period,
led by Chris Fortin

Everyday Zen's 13th annual Bay Area practice period begins on Sunday, September 17, 2017, and continues through Sunday, November 19, 2017. This year for the first time the practice period will be led by Chris Fortin.

Please click here to hear Chris's practice period dharma talks.

In addition to the Everyday Zen practice period, Chris will also beleading the Lotus Sangha and Dharma Heart Zen fall practice periods. Please click here for a downloadable PDF description and registration form.


Announcing Book Club: "Racial Literacy and Dharma"

with Chris Fortin and Sarah Emerson

Click here for complete information

We will take up the words and voices of people of color, and look together at the intersections of race, culture and Buddhist practice in the U.S.

Wednesday evenings starting Oct. 11, 2017 at Stone Creek Zendo, Graton, CA


How do we live with clarity and compassion in this beautiful and suffering world?

Zen is the everyday practice of wholehearted living.

Turning and being turned in our living, awakening the heart of
practice, meeting ourselves and all beings with compassion
and kindness, we become true human beings.

We "shine one corner of the world." (Shunryu Suzuki Roshi,
from the Lotus Sutra)

NEWS: "Honoring the Path of the Warrior" (now Veteran's PATH) program is featured in the February 2015 issue of Mindfulness magazine. Click here to read the article. This program was co-founded and is co-led by Chris.

Below left: Araivapa Canyon Women's Retreat, October 2014. Right:Buddha statue at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Hawaii

Chris at araivapa canyon retreat








"Chris Fortin is one of the remarkable ones. A person for whom caregiving and teaching are a natural expression of her life. She has a wealth of professional skills as a seasoned therapist, years of  study and dedicated practice as a Zen priest and the all important common sense that arrives with maturity. Chris has a bright and cultivated mind but she transmits her wisdom through an ever expanding, open heart."

Frank Ostaseski
Founder, Metta Institue 
Co-Founder, Zen Hospice Projec

Chris Fortin
Hoka Soko

Zen Teacher

Sitting in the center of our lives, giving ourselves to body and breath, letting go beyond knowledge or knowing, we find a quiet confidence to not turn away from the one heart of the world. There is freedom and love here—for ourselves and all beings.

My life and practice is dedicated to this wholehearted way of living. It is impossible to do this alone. Warm heart to warm heart we awaken along with everything. bio

Chris Fortin


Women's Lotus Sangha Fall Practice Period Closing Ceremony, 2016


Julai Jukai (Lay Initiation) Ceremony, Lotus Sangha, Dharma Heart Zen, Aug 30, 2015
Aravaipa Canyon

Aravaipa Canyon. Chris leads Zen retreats here twice a year. See the calendar for more information.